Month: December 2019

Borrow 10000 – Compare here! |

Borrowing 10000 many may need to do at some point in their lives. Here you can compare loans of just USD 10,000. Borrow 10000 interest-free? Is it possible to borrow 10,000 USD without interest simply? Yes it does, but usually it is the first loan that is interest free. Then show no interest rate but Read More

What do you need to take a loan over the phone?

To meet the expectations of a wider group of customers, in addition to quick loans granted in our branches, we have also launched the option of taking a loan by phone. The service mechanism is not complicated and was presented on our Good Credit Lenders portal. Today we describe it in more detail in the Read More

Loan for the unemployed – how to get a loan without income?

They take out a loan or credit , we must prove creditworthiness. One of the elements testifying to our ability, as confirmation and confirmation of obtaining stable income, affecting our financial liquidity. So if you don’t have permanent employment and income, the chance of getting a loan is small. What does it look like in Read More

Car loan debt debt rescheduling

Since the vehicle value does not reach the amount of the loan amount, the car loan is not restructured in favor of the borrower. The debt repayment loan can also be used to take out a car loan. Should I repay my old car loan prematurely or keep it running? To make the car not Read More

Co-financing for the construction of eco houses – passive and energy-saving houses

‘Eco’ solutions that are nature-friendly are becoming increasingly popular in the world. Even houses can be built in such a way that they are environmentally friendly. Those eager for such investments can count on funding. Eco-houses – innovative energy saving in your own home Passive houses are characterized by the fact that they have a Read More